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Ami's passion for storytelling and the desire to honor strong courageous women compelled her to produce, create and perform original works. The following  productions showcase life lessons — hers and those of other women — delivered with wit, wisdom and humor. They are guaranteed to entertain, inspire and touch your heart. 

Resilience & Joy: 
My Mother's Journey

RESILIENCE & JOY is a portrait of a mother's life through her daughter's eyes that brings back memories of an era when letter writing kept loved ones close. The show's take away? Joy is within reach, even in the face of life's most unexpected twists and turns.

Phenomenal Women

PHENOMENAL WOMEN is a production featuring stories, poems and music celebrating women who find their voices, speak their truth and inspire others along the way. With a little help from strong women like writer/activist Ruby Dee, literary trailblazer Zora Neale Hurston and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Ami explores the many facets of being a phenomenal woman.

A Change Is Gonna Come

Ami takes us on a musical journey through life’s transitions, big and small.  This one-woman show is a powerful blending of poetry, story and song that reflect on the inevitable changes in our lives and the self discovery that often follows. The loss of a parent, the demolition of a home and the discovery of political passions that ultimately inspire reflection and hope.

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Tough Titty

Ami produced TOUGH TITTY, a play written by Oni Faida Lampley, about a thirty-seven year old, breast-feeding mother who receives a startling breast cancer diagnosis. With poignant humor, the play depicts her struggle with the shame of illness.  Angela learns to let go of her ideas about how life is “supposed” to be, ask for what she needs, and accept the love and limitations of friends, family, medicine, and herself.

“(PHENOMENAL WOMEN) wildly entertaining, and thoroughly enlightening. Ms. Brabson captures her audience with her warmth and grace and doesn’t let them go for a second.
“We boast a very diverse community at our theatre and PHENOMENAL WOMEN spoke to our entire audience base, across gender, race, age and ethnicity.”

—  Cheryl Katz, Luna Stage

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